Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Favorite Things {1}

{it's a moment to step back, reflect, and be grateful for the good in the everyday}

Listening to my oldest girl's thoughts while mixing clay for a science project.
I love quiet afternoons, working on things together as the sun shines in on us.
Hearts connect while another gal snaps away.

I returned from the bathroom to find an older sister helping the younger.
Taitum was soaking up the attention and Pipe was so patient and kind.
These moments are priceless.
I hold them close.

Pointing at our 'bug hotel' which got left out of the picture but I think its so cute how my girls are forever asking for their picture to be taken with me lately.
It feels weighty but grand to be someone's hero.

Bridging the generational gap.
Piper asked questions like "Where were you born?" and wanted to know about her great grandmother's mom.

While I was sweeping after supper one night, Tait kept coming out asking me to help her write hers and Piper's names on paper.
I was a little annoyed at being interrupted multiple times but after they went to bed I came across this.
She was making personalized menus.
This was important to her.
I was reminded that my kids and what is important to them needs to be more important to me than housework.
My children teach me motherhood's finest lessons.

Piper working on her printing workbook.
She has been so careful and attentive to follow the instructions that I give her.
I love watching her work so diligently.

Checking for bugs in our 'bug hotel'.
This causes such excitement.
Digging in dirt, constructing things from random materials, discovering insect visitors.
Childhood was made for such things.

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