Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Am An Artist {BFIAR}

I Am An Artist by Pat Lowery Collins was the second book we rowed last week.
I've been packing in the most ourdoors-y books I possibly can so we can enjoy every last drop of  these sunny days!
This book is about observing different aspects of nature and that doing so is creative and artistic in and of itself.
The illustrations are beautiful and the girls loved pointing out various items they noticed in the pictures.
It also went together well with our latest science lessons - observation and natural communities.

"I am an artist when I follow a line where it leads me"

The book showed a leaf and a caterpillar as examples.
So when the girls discovered a caterpillar themselves while playing outside one day they were thrilled and came running, asking that I take a look and a picture!

"I am an artist when I run my fingers over a shiny pod or across the rough bark of a tree"

The book describes textures found in nature so we went on our own texture hunt!
I drew spots on the driveway where they could place the items they found and classify them according to the texture words I provided.

"I am an artist when I cut an apple to see the star inside"

Neither Piper nor Taitum knew about the star inside the apple so this was extra fun!
They ate the apple for snack...

And then proceeded to make apple prints as well!

"I am an artist whenever I look closely at the world around me."

This week's science lesson was about natural communities.
Piper chose a spot in the front yard to place an embroidery hoop and we observed what grew and lived within that space.

"I am an artist when I look through a sun shower for a rainbow. I am an artist when I find one."

Finally, on Friday we did a craft I've been wanting to try for awhile!
We glued crayons to a canvas and blow dried them until they melted, creating a vibrant, rainbow colored piece of art!

This was our first time rowing 2 books in one week but it went very smoothly!
Have I mentioned how much we LOVE Before Five In A Row?!?
Next we're off to discover Prayer For A Child!

Delightful Learning

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