Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sweet Success!

The candy apples I make are not difficult...they're made from the good ol' box mix you find at the grocery store. But last year I had a bit of a problem...namely, my inattention...and ended up with sticky candy apple candy all over my stove! It was a very sad moment especially since it meant I had to miss out on my yearly batch of Halloween candy apples.

But this year - sweet success! This time I only worked on 2 other things instead of 10. (What can I say, I'm a multitasker! Sometimes to my own detriment...) For me, Halloween is not complete without candy apples! I love how they look and most of all how they taste!!! And now I have a whole batch ready for our Halloween party tonight!

We also carved our pumpkins last night. I love seeing the kids reactions each year as they plunge their hands into the guts! Talk about a shock to the system! Piper acted like an old pro, digging right in and helping me empty the pumpkin. Taitum, on the other hand, was very enthusiastic at first but after squeezing the innards in her hands and squishing it with her feet, she walked away in disgust! Hahaha!

There is one thing I have learned about carving pumpkins with kids - you have to be quick and efficient. Empty and scrape that pumpkin like your life depends on it and by golly, no fancy schmancy designs! Their attention is SO SHORT! I'm sure over time this will change but for now, there is a need for speed!

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