Sunday, March 6, 2011

Retail Therapy

In order to recover from the cabin fever that resulted from being stuck inside our house for the past two weeks battling germ bugs and dust bunnies of all shapes and sizes, I decided that I needed to spend three hours yesterday experiencing life outside our kitchen-less home.  {Do you like how I reminded you in that introduction sentence that a) we've all been sick for the past 2 weeks and b) that we don't have a functioning kitchen currently . . . as if you didn't already know.}  So, I decided to go shopping.  Alone.  Two words: me. time.

So, anyway.  Above all, it was a rather frustrating experience.  Every pair of pants I tried on was either a size too big or a size too small, and of course they were out of that darn inbetween size that would fit me perfectly.  The items that I wanted to be on sale weren't.  And the skinny jeans were more like mom jeans.  My butt looked HUGE.  And that was just at Store #1. 

The next store was even less satisfying, as nothing I tried on seemed to hang right or look right.  When the sales person walked into the dressing room asking if a patron needed a room, I almost responded with: No.  But, I do need about six more inches of fabric here.  And a large glass of reislingAnd maybe lights that don't make me look like a vampire. Thanks.  Instead, I just stood in front of the mirror and poor lighting and tried to zip up the non-budging zipper, all while thinking: I just know this is my size!  It wasn't.  Then I popped a button on the top I was trying on.  Boo.

I called B after Disappointment #2 and told him I was going to Goodwill, which I was fairly certain would cure all that ailed me.  Cheap even.  I found a cutie pink J.Crew skirt perfect for summer and a set of glass canisters for our *new* kitchen.  They always run a 50% sale on Saturday, so I was sold.  I waited in line only to examine the skirt more {stained} and then find out the entire store wasn't 50% off as it usually is.  I returned everything.  Did I mention it was raining?  It was.  Double boo.

So, I bought nothing.  Even with a checking account padded with a tax return and I spent zero dollars. 

Today, though, was redeeming.  Because, mark my words: you can't go wrong with Target.  Ever

As if it wasn't enough to be a one one-stop-shop for my groceries, baby shower gift, and eternal supply of all things styrofoam, I also managed to find these little gems which made up for my Saturday shopping snafus.

Holy cuteness.  Tank + blue stripes + ruffle = love. Please ignore my Bella-esque pallor.  I told you I need sun something desperate. 

And then there was you, sweet Cow Creamer.  Because my new kitchen would need be complete without you pouring cream into my coffee.  I know you will make everything taste better just because you are you.  And you were $5.99.  Love.

Here's to a fantastic flu-free week, $10 Target tanks, and cow creamers.  Have a wonderful week, friends!

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