Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tot School Fun

*This post includes what we did last week, too, since I wasn't able to post it while away!*

Once again Taitum joined us for many of the things I had planned for Piper. Some things interest her, others not at all and sometimes she has her own idea of what to do! She is getting busier and busier by the day! Usually, its in a good way. She wants to explore and try new things and is very curious! Sometimes though its not so fun for me...I've had to wash her hands numerous times this past week since I find them regularly in the toilet. She has also figured out how to get up on her sister's bed and that jumping on it is fun! Needless to say, she keeps things happening! I'm finding myself having to say 'No' far more often! On the other hand, I enjoy sharing new discoveries with her like learning to jump without holding onto anything and how to crawl around on all fours and growl like a lion! This is an age of non stop energy but I wouldn't have it any other way!
Taitum made a texture collage like her sister. She especially loved feeling (and tasting) each item before adding it to the paper!

This is a new toy we just purchased - Counting Bears. Taitum is learning to sort them according to color.

And she really likes this activity! :)

Of course, she liked water play. Most of her play was pouring the water into her lap! But that's why I put the towels on the floor! Otherwise, we might have had a bit of a flood on our hands!!

At first, Tait didn't realize what she was painting with...

Until she saw her sister tasting it and followed suit. She was one happy girl when she made this discovery - pudding painting!

Being a sticker lover, this activity was right up her alley!

She really enjoyed making music with all kinds of instruments but especially the triangle!

Bubble painting was fun, too, but she just HAD to get her fingers in that paint!!

The next week: Swimming!

This girl LOVES to be in the water! She is just itching to be able to swim on her own and being dunked under doesn't fizz her a bit! In fact, she comes out of the water clapping!

Both girls really liked hanging onto the side of the pool and kicking their feet.

And Taitum loved being queen of the pool sitting up on this mat with a ball in her hands!

Although I'm sure she has no idea what money is, she was still excited to find a toonie in her Shrove Tuesday pancake!

photo by Auntie Leona
My 2 little travel buddies and I had a great time together taking a break from school and the everyday routine! We're off now to start a farm theme next week!

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