Sunday, December 12, 2010

{First Grade} Grinch Activities!

So, I know it is totally late to be posting this, but, if nothing else, it can give you some ideas for next year :)

Initially, I planned to do The Grinch over two days...however, tomorrow is officially a *SNOW DAY* so I'm going to have to combine my activities into 1 day.  I am incorporating these activities into my literacy curriculum, so many things relate to our particular reading series {Treasures}, but could probably be generalized to what most 1st graders are doing around this time of year.

1st Grade Grinch Activities & Literacy Centers
  • Wear a cute Grinch tee which can be purchased at Walmart for $7.  I found mine in the seasonal apparel, and was inspired by Cara :)
  • Read The Grinch and complete a variety of fun Grinchy-themed charts and activities that can be found at The First Grade Parade.
  • Download Deanna Jump's Grinch Unit!  {Loaded with cute activities!}
  • Make a couple bottles of Grinch Glue or Who Glue (whichever name suits your fancy!).  I made it green using food coloring, but it would be fun in all colors.  I plan to let my students use this at a center to write their spelling words/high frequency words.  {Next year, I'm going to make cute labels.  This year = no time!}

  • Incorporate these activities into weekly literacy centers...
    • The Grinch Who Stole Words Literacy Center {Click HERE and HERE for downloads}
    • Who Stew Literacy Center {Click HERE and HERE and HERE for downloads}

* * * * *
My plan is to finish the week studying reindeer, so even though I don't have everything ready to go, here is one activity we will be doing (adapted from somewhere on the internet!  I don't remember where!).  My students are going to apply for positions as reindeer.  I made my own application for them to fill out and they'll make antlers to complete the look.  The students will write, cut, and paste, but I made a model so you could get an idea of what it will look like completed.  {Download application HERE}

I hope these are helpful or can be adapted to fit your needs!  Let me know if you have any trouble with the links. 

***PLEASE NOTE - I just noticed that the words look "off" in the google doc.  Make sure you go to "file"  on the lefthand side of the google doc page and click on Print(PDF) to see it clearly!***

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