Thursday, December 9, 2010

{First Grade} Holiday Literacy Center

Hey, y'all!  We're doing a Grinch/Reindeer Unit next week to finish up the holidays, but in case you wanted a little preview of what we're doing (or need an idea for a holiday lit center!), I thought I'd post one activity I'll include in our literacy centers.

Santa Sentences

You can find specific directions here

In this activity, there are 5 pre-made sentences.  Teachers will cut/laminate the pieces for each sentence and the student will arrange them in a meaninful order.  Afterwards, students will write the sentence on the recording sheet and respond to the question that is asked.  You can find the pieces here and the recording sheet here

I hope you can use this activity!  Please let me know if you're not able to view the links :)

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