Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Letter A and The Color Green

For the past 3 weeks, Piper and I have been concentrating on the letter A and the color green. I've enjoyed taking it nice and slow with her. Although she enjoys learning, Pipe is the kind of kid that gets bored fast if you don't keep it interesting (or maybe thats just part of being 3??). So I went to work finding lots of activites for her to do that would focus on 'A' and green!

Here she is glueing things that start with the letter A onto her alphabet sheet that we hang on the wall. She cut everything out herself! I got this idea from the Homeschool Creations printables page.

Next, we made playdough! Piper helped with everything from adding the ingredients to stirring to kneading the dough! The recipe for this was very easy and basic. I highly recommend it!

Obviously, we colored it green!

Then Piper used it to form an 'A' on her playdough letter mat (also found at the Homeschool Creations printables page.)

A word to the wise: wear gloves when dying the playdough if you want to avoid having a green thumb for days....

On another day, she made an alligator 'A'.

This activity was a great discovery! Its a finger tracing paint bag that I discovered on the A is for Apple page at Confessions of a Homeschooler! It was so simple to make and Piper LOVED it! We'll definitely be using this with all of our letter units!

This apple tree matching game is also from Confessions of a Homeschooler's 'A' is for Apple page and was another big hit with Pipe!

We have been using the Songs For Saplings CD which I ordered recently. Each song is a verse from the Bible with each verse corresponding to a letter in the alphabet! The songs are simple yet catchy and a wonderful way to combine memory verses, music and letters that we are learning! At Totally Tots they have printables for each song in their In My Heart section.

"Keep me as the Apple of Your eye." Psalm 17:8

Continuing with our lessons on the color green, we took a few days to read the book, The Grinch by Dr. Suess and watch the movie! My girly is in love with this classic Christmas story and who can blame her?!

We decided to paint a picture of the Grinch after reading the book for the first time this year. It was a perfect opportunity to show her how blue and yellow make green since I had no green paint on hand that day. She enjoyed doing the mixing herself and watching the colors change into a new one!

Finally, Piper practiced printing the letter 'A' on this tracing card (again from Confessions of a Homeschooler). I had it laminated so she could use dry erase markers and practice over and over again!

Piper is not the type of child that memorizes things like her ABCs easily (she remembers lots of other things, like promises of chocolate or sleepovers but rote learning is not her thing). Despite all my efforts, there were days that I would point to the letter 'A' and ask, "What letter is this?" and get a "Um..." or "B!"....sigh...I really wondered if all these activities were sinking in. Then just the other day as she was standing on a chair at the counter with me to help bake cookies, she said, "Look, Mama. Its 'A'!" I stopped to see what she was pointing at and sure enough on the clock of our coffee pot was the teeny tiniest 'AM'! I was so happy! My girl is getting it! She is learning...FROM ME!! What a great feeling! Now she is pointing out every 'A' imaginable to me! A perfect gift for an amateur homeschooling Mama!

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