Monday, December 6, 2010

Random Monday Musings

1.  I am feeling really good about life today.  Apparently, a festive interior, a Christmas Eve scented Yankee candle burning much of the day, and the last 2 weeks of the school year winding down will bring out the holiday spirit in a person.  It helps that I finished lesson planning for the remainder of 2010 today, too :)

2.  I had breakfast for dinner tonight at my parents house and it was totally YUM.

3.  We went to our first holiday party over the weekend at our neighbor's house.  So fun
Me, Brian (host), and Lauren (neighbor and sorority sis) 

B and Eric (Lauren's bf)

4.  How amazingly talented are the singers on The Sing Off ?!  Omigosh.  Love it.  And can you be any more cleverly named than "Pitch Slapped?"  Ha! 

5.  Beckham went to bed tonight with very little fanfare.  He's all into this "Just one more story...." or "Just one more minute..."  which usually turns into a nightly sob-a-thon when we deny his requests.  Tonight though, he was perfect.  Please, stop what you're doing, and knock on wood on my behalf.

6.  We snapped our Christmas picture this weekend, and - if I do say so myself - it turned out super cute!  This isn't the pic that we chose, but a cute one nonetheless. 

7.  Let's talk about how I just had to purchase storage space on Google so I can upload pics to the blog!  It was only five bucks for 20 GBs, but still! Has this happened to anyone else?

8.  Someone is nearing the end of her 20s.  I turn 28 in 17 days.  GULP. 

9.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to be starting a school-related blog here in the near future.  FYI.

10.  Please wear your pajamas inside out, do a dance, or just send your winter weather my way: I WANT A SNOWDAY.  Thanks and have a happy Monday :)

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