Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Video and Link to WWLTV newscast.

  Hey guys!
First of all I want to say THANK YOU (which seems kind of lame, considering) to everyone who helped spread the word about Tripp's news story. There was such a huge response and we are so incredibly blessed that it's almost hard to believe. I was very pleased with it (except for my singing, of course:) and I'm so thankful for the people who took it upon themselves to make this possible (Dianne and Abby:). 
Tripp is one lucky little boy to have so many people who love and care about him. 
And I know that he understands me when I tell him how many people out there are praying for him.
Thank you ALL so much for the prayers, the kind words, the encouragement, and the awareness that is being spread.
And as time goes on, I know that we will only need more prayers and more support.
That's why I am so grateful to have such an amazing support system- that only gets stronger by the day.

SO, if you are not local, or you missed the newscast... you can watch the story HERE at wwltv.com ... or in the video I posted below.  They are both the same, so which ever one works best. 
 There is also the article below the video on the website link above.  


A special thanks to Mr. Bill Capo and Mr. Brian (the photographer/videographer) from WWL Channel 4. You both made this experience unforgettable for me.  Thank you for treating us so nice.
This is something that I will treasure forever.

My little "Angel Baby" had a pretty rough day today.  I guess the "good days" are starting to wear off.  But this is what always happens- a few good days here and there, then a few bad months.  His eyes are giving him a lot of trouble- more with each day.  And each day he is closer and closer to losing his vision.  So if you are someone who likes to pray specifically... his eyes need your prayers the most!  I know it's unrealistic of me to think that he can have "good days" all the time, but I've sure enjoyed these past few days that he has been playing. I wish they could last forever! 
What a special little boy Tripp is...  I am blessed. 


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